Howard Linden Professional Summary

howard linden intro

Henry Gornbein: Without further adieu let me welcome Howard Linden to Practical Law. Welcome.

Howard Linden: Thank you for having me.

Henry Gornbein: Why don’t you tell our viewers a little bit about your background and what you do as far as your niche in the legal community because more and more lawyers have to be specialists and that’s what you do.

Howard Linden: Well Henry, I’ve been an attorney, practicing lawyer for going on 31 years. I developed an expertise over the years in probate practice and procedure and have done that now almost exclusively for the last ten years. I am one of the founders of the Wayne County Probate Bar Association that has close to 200 members. And I am currently, the current president of the Wayne County Probate Bar Association. I am also a frequent lecturer with the various other bar associations on probate practice and procedure. I have lectured the attorney grievance commission and have given talks to various other groups who are interested in probate practice. I sit as a chairperson of the attorney discipline board and have been a visiting lecturer professor at the University of Detroit Law School.

Henry Gornbein: So, you keep very active?

Howard Linden: Yes, I’m a busy fellow.