Wrongful Death Settlements and Distributions Process

Settlement funds from a wrongful death lawsuit need to be distributed in accordance with the Michigan wrongful death statute. Unfortunately, most attorneys handling these matters concentrate their practice in the area of personal injury and have little experience with the Michigan probate process. That can pose significant problems for the attorney and the bereaved family. Failing to comply with applicable Michigan law and court rules could delay or even jeopardize the settlement, potentially exposing the personal injury attorney to liability for malpractice.

If you are an attorney handling a wrongful death case in Michigan and you need to confer with a Michigan probate attorney, contact Howard Linden. Mr. Linden offers you the benefit of nearly five decades of experience in Michigan probate practice, and in January 2006 published an article in the Michigan Bar Journal titled, “Wrongful Death Settlements and Distributions in the Probate Court.” His insight in this area is unmatched by most other Michigan attorneys.

Michigan Wrongful Death and Probate

Michigan probate attorney Howard Linden is regularly hired by injury attorneys throughout the United States to handle wrongful death settlement issues in all state and federal courts in the state of Michigan, including Michigan probate courts.

To contact attorney Howard Linden regarding assistance with Michigan wrongful death settlements and distributions, call our office at 1-800-956-1900 or 248-358-4545.