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Howard Linden

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Michigan Probate Attorney

Howard Linden has over 46 years of experience in probate practice and procedure. He is the co-founder of the Wayne County Probate Bar Association, and is also a Magistrate in the 48th District Court in Oakland County.

As a state-certified facilitator, he has been trained to absorb information as it's presented and then get to the heart of what is in dispute. He can analyze, digest, and resolve complex family communication issues, and then apply his depth of knowledge of the process to each individual situation before him.

Mr. Linden understands the emotional process inherent in handling a family member’s estate or guardianship and conservatorship. There are always many questions involved and several sides to any issues, and the task ahead can seem daunting and time consuming. He has built his professional career guiding individuals through their options, and the appropriate legal solutions available to them, in a manner that is reassuring and highly competent. He also has been called upon to mediate and facilitate complex civil and probate matters on a regular basis, thus allowing aggrieved parties to settle disputes in a cost-effective manner and less stressful environment.

His Michigan probate law firm is dedicated to the effective and comprehensive guidance of each individual case, and his goal is to make the experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.